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Project Summary

Designed a Decentralized Perpetual Exchange used to trade crypto directly from a user’s wallet. This project was centered around the dashboard where positions are created and managed. Smaller pieces of the project included admin facing pages and a vault where users could stake their money.

This project had a quick turnaround time

UX Design
UI Design
Design Thinking
Branding & Logo

Project Details

My Role :

I was the sole UX & UI designer from concept to launch. I was responsible for creating a design system, branding, wireframing, and prototyping solutions.

Timeline :

May 2022 - June 2022

Tools :


Team :

For this project, I collaborated with software developers and stakeholders with knowledge in the Web3 space.

Website : (launching soon)

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Design System and Style

Designed a modern dark-themed design system and logo.

Design Image


Final Designs

The final designs showcase a new grid with modern visual elements and an appealing, user-friendly editing page that allows users to fully customize their giving and share it with the world for ultimate impact.

Use flow ImageUse flow ImageUse flow Image


This project tested my ability to produce high fidelity designs in a strict deadline. The most difficult part was learning how Decentralized Perpetual Exchanges work and how to recreate it to fit the needs of our product. It is always exciting to work on advancing fields and I look forward to future iterations on this!